Synergy News

Tyre Wire Surprise

November 28, 2016

About six months ago I was carrying out a routine LDA operation on a dairy cow, but it was proving hard to correct as there were several adhesions attached to the abomasum. Eventually I got it back and stitched it … Continue reading

Synergy Robotic Milking Seminar

November 21, 2016

Six Synergy vets recently attended a half day meeting hosted by our local Lely dealership to further develop our knowledge of robotic milking systems. As motivated dairy cattle vets we consider it vital that we remain abreast of the latest … Continue reading

Early growth is lean growth!

November 16, 2016

The fact that dairy heifers that calve at 22-24 months of age are the most productive, most cost effective and have fewer health problems in first lactation is well understood. Producers are well aware that to be in-calf at fifteen … Continue reading

Swollen Faces

October 24, 2016

A fairly common call out for a vet is to examine a cow with a swollen face, there are a few different causes and I will touch on a few.  Colleagues have mentioned they have seen a few cases of … Continue reading

Social Grouping

October 17, 2016

A tool for keeping heifers happy? With the summer holidays over for many kids, the stress of starting a new school is as good an analogy as any for what heifers have to face joining the milking herd. Most of … Continue reading